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"We were contacted by Dee from National Safety Training Centre back in April to see if we would be interested in taking up the opportunity of some free fork lift training for our employees along with an NVQ qualification which would be relevant to the work that they currently did. Dee came down to our factory the following week and we were amazed by the package that they could offer us which would cost us a business nothing."
GRP Building Solutions
"I have been using National Safety Training to book our colleagues here at Dunelm onto Fork Lift and Banksman training courses for nearly 2 years now. What a fantastic service with great communication skills, thank you Ian, Rhonda, Chloe and team for all your support. Highly recommended!"
Dunelm Ltd
Siemens Gamesa
"Global Shipping Services Limited"
Global Shipping Services Limited


Here you will find testimonials from Local and National companies, along with testimonials from individuals.

We have put through 30 plus candidates with National Safety Training. The programme has run smoothly, and all candidates were able to build up a rapport with the assessor which has allowed for the effective delivery of the qualification. Global Shipping will continue to use National Safety Training as a training provider.

Christopher Thirlwell

HSEQ Manager - Global Shipping Services Limited

Global Shipping Services Ltd

National Safety Training Services have supplied ancillary training courses for our site since 2016, providing us with a professional and informative service throughout. I consider the team to be very knowledgeable with great customer service, always willing to accommodate the flexibility required from our business.

 I would happily highly recommend to any local business.

Siemens Gamesa

We were contacted by National Safety Training Centre back in April to see if we would be interested in taking up the opportunity of some free fork lift training for our employees along with an NVQ qualification which would be relevant to the work that they currently did. Dee came down to our factory the following week and we were amazed by the package that they could offer us which would cost us nothing as a business.

The whole process of enrolling our team and starting them on the course went really smoothly and although the idea of getting back into a classroom was met with a bit of resistance initially they have all settled into it and with the support and guidance from their trainer are all now sitting their first set of exams.

We also have one member of our team who is dyslexic and was quite distressed about the prospect of sitting written exams but the trainer managed to come up with an alternative way in which to do the exam whereby he could dictate to him and he wrote down the answers, he was actually the first in the team to sit and pass the first stage of the exams. This has increased his confidence dramatically.

We were also approached to see if we would be in a position to take on one of the apprentices, they had working with them for 4 weeks free of charge work experience. Although we didn’t have any vacant positions at that stage we knew that we were looking at additional staff in the near future so it seemed a good opportunity to trial somebody and see if they had basic skills which we could build on and improve. A National Safety employability consultant came down with Danny who had been through a number of the courses the centre have to offer including fork lift driving which was very useful to us. He was really well mannered and seemed extremely keen to work. From the day that Danny joined us he fitted in really well with the rest of the team and was always punctual. He listened to what was asked of him and has continued to do so throughout his time with us. After the 4 week period we decided that although we were still not quite at the stage to need an extra member of staff we soon would be and we didn’t want to lose Danny so we took him on as an apprentice, he continued to work hard, listen and now after 3 months he is a full time member of the team. The whole process was extremely easy and well managed and as our business continues to grow this is something that we will continue to do in other departments of the business as we feel the way in which National Safety Training Centre develop & coach their apprentices is in line with the way we ourselves would like to bring on our employees.

I would not hesitate to recommend them for both their training and also offering apprentices into the workplace. GRP Building Solutions Ltd

Kate Carmichael

GRP Building Solutions Hull
GRP Building Solutions

National Safety Training was asked to come to BW-Industries Ltd to see what training they could provide to fill the gaps in our employee development.

One of the ideas was an NVQ in Plant and Operations, this has been a huge success and we know have over 50 Employees at various stages and also have 18 employees that have completed Manual Handling, Fire Training or First aid.

The National Safety Training Instructors are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly and have made learning very easy for a group of production workers who have not completed training for many years.

They are aware of production needs and can adapt from a training day to an assessment day when needed.

I expect the partnership to continue as we develop the workforce on to stand alone training such as Bankman or mobile platform training and NVQ Level 3’s or adult apprenticeships.

National Safety Training is a professional organisation who has delivered the learning in a fast, organised and efficient manner.


Dave Grosse

BW Industries

I have been using National Safety Training to book our colleagues here at Dunelm onto Fork Lift and Banksman training courses for nearly 2 years now. What a fantastic service with great communication skills, thank you Rhonda and team for all your support. Highly recommended!

George Fleming – Dunelm Ltd

Dunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd

National Safety Training Services have provided Forklift Operator Training & Familiarisation training to Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd, Hull since Q4, 2012.

Our experiences of National Forklift Training have been of:

  • A very customer focussed business. You have stretched your own resources and stepped up to provided training at extremely short notice. This was crucial to our operations when a serious short-fall in forklift and ped-op transporter competence was identified.
  • The very professional presentation of your instructors in their dress and content of the training delivered.
  • The feedback from our staff who have been trained by National Forklift Training has been without exception very positive.

Many thanks for the essential support your organisation have provided to or Company for the last 12 months.

Best Regards,

Alan Wallice - Safety & Environment Manager

Smith & Nephew, Wound Management (Hull)

Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd
Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd

Driver CPC Training

This year National Safety Training Services has delivered Driver CPC training to over 35 of our Drivers. National have worked around our busy schedule with ease, accommodating weekend courses on demand.

National Safety Training has provided us with a professional, informative and cost effective service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. We look forward to working with them again in the future

Paddy Cooney

Transport Manager


"Interesting, informative, clearly explained. Friendly atmosphere"

Stephen Quiney - Transwaste Driver

Transwaste Ltd
Transwaste Ltd

Novice Counterbalance Training

I would like to thank National Safety Training for their excellent Forklift Tuition.

I felt I was treated as an individual and not spoken down to. I absorbed all of the information they passed onto me, any mistakes I made were pointed out as they occurred so I could rectify them on my next attempt.

I passed the fork lift operator test and I am really pleased. The Instructors realised I had the potential to achieve my goal.

Please pass on my sincere thanks, 

Frank Richardson - Fareshare Project Volunteer (Hull)


Novice Counterbalance Training 

I recently did forklift training and a subsequent fork lift test conducted by National Safety Training on fareshares site at Malmo Road.

I’m pleased to say I passed, the success in the forklift training and test was I’m sure the result of the very good instructor Ashley. 

I felt that I was treated with respect, their expertise in man management made me feel comfortable at all times.

Thanks again,

John Sudds - Fareshare Project Volunteer (Hull)

Fareshare Hull
Fareshare Project Hull

Impetus have forged a really close working relationship with National Safety Training since they were recommended to us for Plant & Lift truck Training in 2010.

We have found that NSTS are able to listen, interpret, develop and deliver exceptional training packages not only to suit our requirements but also to ensure we remain compliant as a company.

The hands on approach of the team of trainers means that they integrate into site every time and the employees we are training have nothing but good feedback.

We would not look to source our plant training from any other company as we feel NSTS ‘tick all the boxes’

Jonathon Shaw (Operations Manager) – Transfer Stations

Impetus Group Ltd

PPT Training

"A lot better organised and presented than previous similar courses"

Andrew Collingwood

University of York Employee


"I was Very happy with the content and outcome of the course, everything was explained clearly and calmly"

Louise Lindgren

University of York Employee


"Friendly instructor. He Put me at ease as I was a little nervous. The Informal & Chatty nature of course was also positive"

Katherine Snell

University of York Employee


"A Very enjoyable confidence building experience"

Allen Mould

University of York Employee

University of York
The University of York

Driver CPC Periodic Training 

At National Safety Training, Hull. I found the instructor to be professional and experienced, approachable, with clear communication. He was excellent at engaging with others and he delivered the course content excellently"

A.Robinson, Guardian Glass Goole

Gardian Glass Goole

Telescopic Handler Course combined with Driver CPC 

The course was run very professionally and efficiently by a competent and friendly instructor who made the course challenging and very interesting.

Stephen Swalwell - Scarborough Council Employee

Scarborough Council

Thanks for a wonderful job.

That was excellent, well done!! My students were very impressed.
You can follow us on Facebook-afrofusion hull & on twitter.
Thanks once more.

Annie - Afro Fusion Hull

Afro Fusion
Afro Fusion Hull

Counterbalance Novice Course

I would like to thank my two instructors, for providing such an impressively good forklift training week at National Safety Training Services. The course was impressively good, as well as being enjoyable.

Kindest regards, Michael Adams

Counterbalance Novice Course

Counterbalance Novice Course

Eltherington Group Limited have used NSTS for health and safety training for a number of years now. 

As well as their knowledge and professionalism, they are flexible in their approach and will accommodate the needs of the business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Debra Wainwright Chartered MCIPD

H R Manager

Eltherington Group Limited


Eltherington Group Ltd
Eltherington Group Limited

Driver CPC Course

I have received my Driver Qualification Card today.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, for helping me do this in only a couple of months and for making the experience as painless as possible.

Best wishes to you all,

Nicholas Cooper

Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd

Driver CPC Training 

I run a small haulage company and as both a manager and a driver, I have to obtain my Driver CPC qualification, too. I have elected to do this over 5 years at one day per year so as to minimize disruption to my operations.

NSTS has been our trainer for the last 2 years, the first year based around tachographs and hours legislation and this year around driver welfare and health & Safety. I deal with both subjects on a daily basis and the thought of spending 7 hours in a classroom with someone telling me things I already knew was not something I was looking forward to. However, the new training room at their site was extremely comfortable with state of the art presentation equipment and free flowing tea and coffee, this helped significantly with concentration.

Our trainer is extremely knowledgeable and quite compelling to listen to, the course content is both interesting and informative; I came away from both courses having learnt a lot. No one is left confused as he explains it in what I call “English” as oppose to lots of technical jargon. If anyone is unsure, he is quite prepared to go over things again and this very often sparks more questions from other candidates making it more interesting. I think the fact that the trainer has actually been a driver in the past makes him a much more plausible trainer and the drivers respect this.

I found National Safety Training Services to be very accommodating in their flexibility to work weekends, their facilities and their competitive pricing

Vic Smith, Owner


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