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"We were contacted by Dee from National Safety Training Centre back in April to see if we would be interested in taking up the opportunity of some free fork lift training for our employees along with an NVQ qualification which would be relevant to the work that they currently did. Dee came down to our factory the following week and we were amazed by the package that they could offer us which would cost us a business nothing."
GRP Building Solutions
"I have been using National Safety Training to book our colleagues here at Dunelm onto Fork Lift and Banksman training courses for nearly 2 years now. What a fantastic service with great communication skills, thank you Ian, Rhonda, Chloe and team for all your support. Highly recommended!"
Dunelm Ltd
Siemens Gamesa
"Global Shipping Services Limited"
Global Shipping Services Limited

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our core value is quality and to ensure quality remains our focus we operate in-line with many regulatory requirements. Some of these requirements are mandated for the training we deliver, and some others are voluntary, but we believe they all help us stand out from the crowd and demonstrate our commitment to being amongst the best in the business. We openly discuss, review, and share our findings from feedback and audits to drive our continuous improvement agenda.

Driven by Quality

Quality is the day to day responsibility of our Managing Director and is priority number one on his list of meeting customer/stakeholder expectations.

ISO 9001:2015

We operate in-line with ISO 9001:2015 which is an international quality management standard that presents guidelines to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. We have used the standard to embed a quality management system into our company which increases productivity, reduces unnecessary costs for us and the customer, and ensures the quality of processes and products. The system is maintained, audited, and monitored internally.

Matrix Standard

The matrix standard is a framework for organisations to assess and measure their information, advice and guidance services. It aims to support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. We are audited annually to ensure we meet these requirements. This standard is at the heart of our approach to helping change lives through training and education. We care about our learners, their lives, and their aspirations – this standard reflects our commitment.

In-Centre and Onsite Training

Our training courses  are subject to annual inspection by the specific industry regulator. The regulators are also empowered to conduct unannounced inspections if required. Our training consistently meets these requirements and we use the visits as opportunities to benchmark our practice against the regulatory acceptable standard, with a view to improving year on year. Industry bodies who inspect our provision include:

  • IPAF
  • IOSH

More information about our regulators can be found on our accreditations page.

Government Funded Provision

Delivering over £1 Million pounds of free training to our customers, rightly comes with extremely high levels of scrutiny. Listed below are the regulatory requirements we are measured against:

Prime Contractor Audit – As a sub-contractor for Government funded training we are measured against KPIs, contract value and learner success. Audits are completed and we continually update our policies and procedures to keep pace with the latest thinking in outstanding provision.

Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) - Ofsted’s role is to make sure that organisations providing education, and training in England which is funded, do so to a high standard. Ofsted inspect against a rigorous Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and publish their reports publicly through their website. Our delivery and approach are aligned to Ofsted’s best practice.

Awarding Organisations – The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (also called Ofqual) regulates all awarding organisations in England and the qualifications they provide. As a qualification provider we operate under EAL as our awarding organisation. They provide an External Quality Assurance Service as part of this partnership who audits and works with us to support the highest standards in training and qualifications delivery.  For our customers, this approach provides assurance that their learners achieve the standards required by their industry. We are currently rated as a Low Risk Centre.

Giving you Peace of Mind

We host over 12 inspections/audits a year across our provision which makes us one of the most inspected companies in the industry. All  customers successfully trained by us receive certificates that can be verified by the appropriate awarding organisation/regulator to be authentic. We manage learner certification and achievement in-line with regulator requirements.

Ongoing Quality

Quality is our core value and we  regularly hold staff training days, updating our team on changes  to the  regulations, the HSEs ACOPS (Approved Codes of Practice) and  raising standards through continued professional development. We  remain  confident  that our customers are receiving up to date  information, and training from highly skilled and motivated members of our team. 

We hope our dedication to being Driven by Quality provides you the reassurance and confidence you need to invest in us, for your, and your company’s training needs.

We look forward to working with you in the future…

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