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All employees warrant the highest level of health and safety protection whilst they are carrying out their work activities. Permits to Work (PTW) are a formal, documented, systematic way to control certain activities that present a high level of risk. The permit forms an crucial part of a safe system of work.

Employers have an obligation to ensure that PTW are in place when required, and employees have a duty to co-operate with the agreed terms and conditions of the permit. If your work activities carry a high level of risk you need to consider our Permit to Work online training course.

Providing the essential information as outlined within Health and Safety legislation to demonstrate statutory compliance this training makes clear both employer and employee responsibility in addition to supporting the practical application.

The online training course explains what PTWs are, why and when they are required, what should be considered, how they are issued and withdrawn and by whom. It also explains the principals of prevention and gives clear example of what is required to control hazards attached to high risk activity and residual risk.  

On completion of the Permit to Work System module learners will:

  • Know what is required to demonstrate statutory compliance with the legislation
  • Have a basic knowledge of permit to work systems in addition to safe systems of work
  • Understand employers & employees responsibilities
  • Know what should be included in the permit to work, to manage and effectively control works
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