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The data protection legislation (or data protection act) as it’s sometimes called) is designed to ensure that personal information (data) is not processed without the knowledge and in certain cases the consent of the data subject (i.e. the person or organisation that the information is about). is processed is accurate and to enforce a set of standards for the processing of the information.

The data protection online training course has been created to provide a basic awareness and the knowledge required regarding the important legislation surrounding this subject.

This course is designed to help employees understand what data protection is all about. The course will also give a basic introduction into legal requirements and the following questions will be answered

  • Why is data protection important?
  • What sort of data does it apply to?
  • Should personal data be disclosed to anyone who asks for it?
  • Can you keep personal data for as long as you like?
  • Can you do what you like with personal data?
  • When do you need to get consent?
  • How should a data access request be handled?
  • Can personal data be freely passed between divisions of a company
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