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"We were contacted by Dee from National Safety Training Centre back in April to see if we would be interested in taking up the opportunity of some free fork lift training for our employees along with an NVQ qualification which would be relevant to the work that they currently did. Dee came down to our factory the following week and we were amazed by the package that they could offer us which would cost us a business nothing."
GRP Building Solutions
"I have been using National Safety Training to book our colleagues here at Dunelm onto Fork Lift and Banksman training courses for nearly 2 years now. What a fantastic service with great communication skills, thank you Ian, Rhonda, Chloe and team for all your support. Highly recommended!"
Dunelm Ltd
Siemens Gamesa
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Employing an apprentice combines on and off the job training and will help your business to grow by:

  • Reducing the company recruitment and training costs.
  • Building confidence and developing skills which lead to qualifications.
  • Offering progression routes.
  • Increasing productivity and your profit margin.
  • Being cost effective.


Funding an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are funded for businesses of all sizes but the level of funding depends on how many people you employ. Small and medium sized employers (less than 250) usually receive full funding and larger employers (250+) are sometimes asked for a small contribution. National Safety Training has secured funding to deliver apprenticeships within the logistics sector.

Apprenticeships delivered by National Safety Training

We currently support the following Work Based Qualifications:

  • Driving Goods Vehicles.
  • Warehousing & Storage.
  • Traffic Office.
  • Logistics Operations.


Why Recruit an Apprentice

Businesses in the UK are under financial strain but it’s the shortage of skilled and talented workers that is the long term threat to a business in the UK. Companies need staff with vocational qualifications relevant to their job role, at present many people remain unskilled.

Apprenticeships are helping to improve the shortage and many employers are now choosing to offer progression routes via apprenticeship schemes. This is attracting talented people who can start at a qualification level appropriate to them and then progress through to foundation and higher degree level. By supporting an apprentice you gain a high level of motivation and loyalty, this has a positive impact on any business, especially when supported by excellent training.

Our specialist support team are customer focused, aiming to understand your needs they will discuss your individual requirements and let you know how much funding you qualify for.

Call our employer support team today on 01482 644855

Additional Employer incentives - *£1,500 per apprentice

In addition to funding being available to support the training and qualification, funding is available for employers with less than 1000 employees, who are new to apprenticeships or haven’t enrolled a new recruit or existing employee onto an apprenticeship programme in the previous 12 months.

* Up to £1,500 for each apprentice (maximum of 10) aged 16-24.

Employer Apprenticeship grant information sheet - Please click here.

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