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"Because of the nature of our business we require training for a whole range of mechanical handling equipment which includes Very Narrow Aisle Trucks, Gondola Cranes, Reach Trucks, Counter Balance trucks, Medium Level Order Pickers and Low Level Order Pickers."
Arco Ltd
"We were contacted by Dee from National Safety Training Centre back in April to see if we would be interested in taking up the opportunity of some free fork lift training for our employees along with an NVQ qualification which would be relevant to the work that they currently did. Dee came down to our factory the following week and we were amazed by the package that they could offer us which would cost us a business nothing."
GRP Building Solutions
"I have been using National Safety Training to book our colleagues here at Dunelm onto Fork Lift and Banksman training courses for nearly 2 years now. What a fantastic service with great communication skills, thank you Ian, Rhonda, Chloe and team for all your support. Highly recommended!"
Dunelm Ltd
Siemens Gamesa
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Case Studies 



Established in 2010 we now have 7 years of experience in providing   first class  funded training services  to  companies based Nationwide. Below are some of our successful candidate stories who opted for our popular  funded training programmes. 



Matthew Scatcherd - Powell Packaging - NVQ Performing Manufacturing Operations/Warehouse Essentials 

Matthew has worked at Powell Packaging for almost 10 years as a machine operator. National Safety Training offered Powell Packaging NVQ's in Warehouse and Storage and Performing Manufacturing Operations in October 2016 through the SSW scheme, along with some extra - non regulated training based around Powell Packaging's training needs analysis. 

Powell Packaging advertised the opportunities to their employee's and within days several employee's had expressed their interest including Matthew who wanted to complete the Performing Manufacturing Operations qualification as he had no recognised qualifications for the operation of manufacturing machinery. Matthew also wanted to prove his competency to his employers with the aim of improving his opportunities in the workplace. Matthew also asked if he could be considered for the Warehouse Essentials course which was a two day course based on the operation of forklift trucks. Matthew saw this as an opportunity to help increase productivity on his line as this would enable him to collect his own materials to the line instead of waiting on the warehouse staff to bring them. 

Since completing the Warehouse Essentials course in December 2016 productivity on the case maker line has increased by approximately 10% and downtime has decreased. 

Matthew has also recently completed his Performing and Manufacturing Operations NVQ during which it was noticed that he usually took the lead role within the team operating the line. This was also noticed by the Resources Manager, Mr Neil Powell who has since had no hesitation in giving Matthew more responsibilities as the Lead Operator on the Case Maker line. 

Mr Powell is also quoted as stating that 'he is pleased with the way the qualifications have been carried out across the company with minimum disruption and good communication helping to ensure candidates were available for assessments when required'. He also stated that 'he is very pleased with the way productivity has increased throughout the workplace and feels that all of his staff who took part in the training have shown awareness in the workplace with regards to Health and Safety, quality and communication'. Mr Powell added 'his staff are now working as a team to achieve their targets'. 

Going forward Mr Powell is now considering asking the rest of the staff to participate in any future training that may take place.



Aimee Maltby - Maltby Stores - NVQ Warehouse and Storage Level 2 


The course started with basic training within the warehouse such as manual handling and how to control hazardous substances. I then progressed onto my pedestrian pallet truck training and folk truck training to enable me to take on my tasks and responsibilities with the workplace and strengthen my knowledge of safe use and practice in the workplace. 

The units covered significantly increase my knowledge of warehouse and storage and supplied me with increased confidence to approach my roles and responsibilities within the workplace. I have also been able to extend my capabilities to use machinery in the workplace that prior to this training would not have been possible. I am now able to confront people about their usage of machinery and health and safety rules they are breeching in a confident manner to limit dangers within the warehouse. As a result of this I was asked to take up the role of lead health and safety officer for the company and I continue to develop and build upon the knowledge I gained during this course.

I hope to continue improving my work knowledge and capabilities that this course initiated. I intend to upkeep my role as the lead health and safety officer for the workplace and enthuse my fellow employees to help aim to make the workplace safer especially in our two new premises. I would be interested in a Level 3 qualification if it was available to me to better my knowledge further around the topics covered.



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